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Perduco Family Law - Child Law Services About

Child Law

Changes made to the law in recent years have made it harder for parents and grandparents to see their children and grandchildren. The financial and emotional burden of a long court case can sometimes seem impossible to navigate. We manage over 400 cases at any one time and have an enviable track record in achieving the best outcomes for our clients. We can help you find another, less painful way to a resolution.

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Perduco Family Law - Divorce Law Services

Divorce and finance

One quarter of marriages in the UK end in divorce. This can be costly, both emotionally and financially. We specialise in both applying for and defending Divorce Petitions and managing the divorce process. We are the UK’s most cost-effective solution for Family Law and can assist you with your case for an affordable fixed fee. Our fixed fees include being appointed your own allocated Case Worker who complete and assist with every aspect of your case until completion.

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Perduco Family Law - Domestic Violence Services

Domestic Violence

Sadly, domestic violence is still a major threat to many people in the UK and on the rise. We have specialists on hand to help you when you feel helpless. To give you hope when you feel helpless. Experienced women and men on our team can give you the tools you need to safeguard both yourself and your loved ones.

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Perduco Family Law - Unmarried Separation Services

Un-married Separation

There is a common misconception that unmarried couples have the same rights as married couples. This isn’t always the case and we can explain why. Let us know your circumstances and we can give you the advice you need to help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your financial assets.

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